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Filmmaker Peter Hedges on His Latest Film ‘Ben is Back’

#filmmaker #PeterHedges

The filmmaker behind 'Ben is Back' discusses his choice to make this story now, and working with his son Lucas Hedges throughout the process.

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‘Angels with Dirty Faces’: Michael Curtiz’s Touching Gangster Classic Forged Under the All-Seeing Eye of the Hays Code • Cinephilia & Beyond

#filmmaker #MichaelCurtiz

Back in the thirties, gangster movies were increasingly popular in the American cinema. The subject of charismatic antiheroes ultimately falling to their demise was always...

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Robert Rodriguez

Go behind the scenes with James Cameron, Jon Landau, Robert Rodriguez, Rosa Salazar, and the team at #WETA in this new featurette to discover how they brought the world of #Alita to life.

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Breaking Down Alfonso Cuarón’s Impeccable Cinematographic Vision

#filmmaker #AlfonsoCuaron

The 'Roma' director's visual experimentation is one for the books.

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Watching Skies - Star Wars, Spielberg and Us

"Hello Alice, welcome to Wonder-Land!" - STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME. As STAR TREK: DISCOVERY returns for a second season, WATCHING SKIES boldly remembers some of the great used, unused, concept ... Sehen Sie mehr

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From First To Last Podcast

We can’t wait too!

Tomorrow's episode is all about the wild epic that is Beowulf and we can't wait for you to hear. Check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. #fftlpodcast #robertzemeckis #beowulf

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El Rey Network

What’s your favorite Robert Zemeckis film? Catch award-winning film director and producer Robert Zemeckis on The Director’s Chair hosted by Robert Rodriguez TONIGHT 6p ET on El Rey Network

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Now watching - Ep01

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Welcome to Marwen VFX Featured in Cinefex 162 Cinefex 162 covers ‘Welcome to Marwen,’ the true story of a trauma victim who built an imaginary world in which to heal himself. This lavishly ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Meet your new Grand High Witch: Anne Hathaway is starring in Robert Zemeckis' "The Witches" remake (EXCLUSIVE)

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Congratulations to our Welcome to Marwen visual effects teams for two Visual Effects Society Award nominations. #VFXSociety #WelcomeToMarwen

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Congratulations to our Welcome to Marwen visual effects teams for two Visual Effects Society Award nominations. #VFXSociety #WelcomeToMarwen

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While in vacay - doing some good and raising some money for charity - anyone interested in celebrity memorabilia??

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‘Mars Needs Moms’ - Robert Zemeckis on Motion Capture

Mars Needs Moms: Robert on Motion Capture

“Mars Needs Moms,” a computer-animated film based on Berkeley Breathed’s children’s book, uses the latest in performance-capture imaging technology.

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How we did what we did - about a year before we shot me and Steve went through major testing

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10 Facts About Steven Spielberg’s Duel

48 years ago today, this little made-for-tv movie made even more history as it started its theatrical run...

In 1971, the legendary director was 24 years old and looking to break out with his first movie gig. He eventually found it in an issue of 'Playboy.'

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Why Did Disney Kill Roger Rabbit 2? (Animation Investigation)

Time to start reopening the negotiations ?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of the greatest animated films of all time, so why did it never get a sequel? Hector investigates on this week's Animation inv...

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E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial might be 36 years old, but its charm is inalienable

We Told You So...

The director restrained himself from overt action scenes, basing the alien on an imaginary childhood friend and giving his cast of child actors plenty of space for exploration

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The 25 best set pieces of Steven Spielberg’s career

Miss any ?

Broadly defined, a set piece is a thriller within a film, a self-contained showstopper-slash-showcase whose success depends in large part on a director’s chops. Since the 1970s, Steven Spielberg ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Steven Spielberg’s Night Gallery Episode: “Make Me Laugh” (1971)

Turning 49 today...

In 1971, the young television director Steven Spielberg was invited back to the scene of his first major directing gig, ROD SERLING’S NIGHT GALLERY, for another crack at bat. His second episode, ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Just when you thought you had it all...

www.everythingblustore.com PRE-ORDER ANNOUNCEMENT! - See full details below! Pre-Order Start: 10th January 2019 - 8pm UK TIME! Expected Release Date: 4th March 2019 BluPack 001: Schindler's List ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Revisiting Hours: Patriot Acts, PreCrime and ‘Minority Report’

Revisiting Minority Report

This week’s ‘Revisiting Hours’ streaming column looks back at Steven Speilberg’s prescient, trust-no-one blockbuster

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Tornado Videos


The making of Twister [1996] Nothing else needed to say really! Enjoy the making of Twister [1996]. Everything you need to know about the 1996 blockbuster can be found below: Director: Jan De ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Gremlins: the Empire reunion

Gremlins: The Empire Reunion...

Empire reunited the creative team behind Gremlins and Gremlins 2 – read the full interview here.

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The 'Roger Rabbit' Sequel Script is 'Wonderful', Says Robert Zemeckis, But Disney Isn't Making It

If he likes it, let's get started.

Robert Zemeckis says that even though the Roger Rabbit sequel script is really good, Disney still has no interest in making it.

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