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From First To Last Podcast

#filmmaker #SamRaimi SPIDER-MAN (2002) Can’t wait for the whole trilogy on From First To Last Podcast

Tomorrow's Spider-Man episode is a heck of a good time and to top it off we're joined again by Andy Milos from Big Dog Comedy - Newcastle. We can't wait for you to hear ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Star Wars Weeks - today: REVENGE OF THE SITH (2005) #episodeIII #georgelucas #starwarscountdown Getting ready for THE RISE OF SKYWALKER #starwars #starwarssaga #theriseofskywalker

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Cobra 1986 TV Spot

#filmmaker #GeorgePCosmatos COBRA (1986)

May 1986 TV spot for "Cobra" directed by George P. Cosmatos, and written by Sylvester Stallone, who also starred in the title role, along with Reni Santoni, ...

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Brian Tyler

#filmcomposer #BrianTyler RAMBO: LAST BLOOD (2019)

Check out the scoring session video for my #RamboLastBlood theme! Soundtrack out now on Lakeshore Records here: http://smarturl.it/RamboSCORE/

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Wow!!! 😮

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#filmmaker #JJAbrams THE RISE OF SKYWALKER (2019) Upcoming „Star Wars Insider“ cover illustration #starwars #tros #theriseofskywalker

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#filmmaker #JohnMcTiernan THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER (1990)

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#filmmaker #RobertRodriguez

Will any of these convince more people to subscribe to the service?

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#filmmaker #AngLee BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK (2016) #nowwatching #firstwatch #3D #bluray

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Fan Made, but awesome!!

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Looking for Forrest’s bench in Savannah ... guess I coulda just looked in my backyard instead

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Wow, so this is true then Playmobil

Enfin on ne l' espérait plus 😅 EDIT : Potentielle sortie pour Mai 2020.

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The Polar Express in Concert

🎫 TICKETS ON SALE IN ONE HOUR!⏱ 🎄This holiday season... The Polar Express in Concert debuts at the prestigious Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver on 11/19🎉 Learn more about this #WorldPremiere ... Sehen Sie mehr

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'Death Becomes Her' Is Way Weirder Than You Remember

It seems bizarre that the producers and designers behind Back to the Future, Star Wars, Forrest Gump, and countless other timeless blockbuster films would provide their talents for such a bizarre ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Tom Hanks, Akiva Goldsman Set Live Action Mattel Adaptation ‘Major Matt Mason’ at Paramount (EXCLUSIVE)

Well, this is an older Hanks/Zemeckis project and there isn’t a director mentioned - yet...

Tom Hanks is headed back to outer space. The Oscar winner is set to star in a feature film based on a Mattel action figure from the 1960s called Major Matt Mason, numerous insiders familiar with th…

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Today, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) announced that it will present the world-premiere performance of an exciting new project from CineConcerts and Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

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Persistence of Vision - Documentary

Amazing Judge Doom by Slinus27 Cosplay! Learn more about the making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit by watching the acclaimed documentary, "Persistence of Vision". Available as a remastered, 2-disc, ... Sehen Sie mehr

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The Film Music of Alan Silvestri

Coming up with the theme for Ready Player One

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Fans in the UK: the opportunity to watch E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL at the Royal Albert Hall, accompanied by live orchestra. It's a truly magical way to watch this beloved Steven Spielberg ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Steven Chorney

A few black and white Concept artworks for the Steven Spielberg release READY PLAYER ONE, a film about the future of Virtual Reality...sort of.

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Just WOW!!!!!

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Greekgeek's Filmmakers

Chaos 🙂

Jurassic Park... but with the original cast as their characters from other films or shows. Now that’s #ChaosTheory @movieposterguy

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The Art of Don Bluth

Out of all the 5 dinosaur characters in The Land Before Time, the most difficult for me to draw was Ducky. Why is that you ask? It’s because she is constructed in such a way particularly in the ... Sehen Sie mehr

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How Serendipity Works in Toontown. On my office wall I have a Who Framed Roger Rabbit animation cell which Disney gave me as a thank you gift after the movie came out. The cel is from the scene in ... Sehen Sie mehr

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The Unmade Steven Spielberg Movies You Never Saw

Wow, I was (am) waiting for all of them...

From E.T. II to Robopocalypse, here are some of the most interesting movies Steven Spielberg never made…

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