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La-La Land Records


Now available to order from Our 500th Release! #PlanetofTheApes Original Film Series #Soundtrack Collection (5-CD Box Set) Limited Edition composed by #JerryGoldsmith ... Sehen Sie mehr

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#filmmaker #RobertZemeckis CAST AWAY (2000)

Perhaps not the most immediately “toyetic” of DreamWorks Pictures’ films, CAST AWAY, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis, has found its way against the odds to memorialization in ... Sehen Sie mehr

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#filmmaker #DamienChazelle BABYLON (2021)

Damien Chazelle + Emma Stone. Some potential good news for "La La Land" fans.

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Steven Spielberg: Magician of the Movies

Which are your favorites of that era? Rank them 🙂

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How 'Licence to Kill' Put the James Bond Franchise on Ice

#filmmaker #JohnGlen LICENCE TO KILL (1989) 30th Anniversary #bond #jamesbond

The film, which opened 30 years ago Saturday, was far too gritty and serious for its time, but the Timothy Dalton adventure ultimately paved the way for Daniel Craig's 007.

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Last Exit to Nowhere

Great cast photo from Die Hard, which as I mentioned earlier premiered in Westwood, California on this day in 1988. - Mike View all our Die Hard inspired items here >

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3 Screenwriting Techniques That Turned 'Minority Report' Into a Classic

#screenwriter #ScottFrank #filmmaker #StevenSpielberg MINORITY REPORT (2002) ❤️❤️❤️❤️

"Minority Report" is a film that delivers plenty of screenwriting lessons. We picked three that turned this science fiction movie from a predictable action flick to an instant classic.

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