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Men In Black

#MCM? More like our Man Crush Everyday. 😉#MIBInternational in theaters June 14.

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#filmmaker #BarrySonnenfeld MEN IN BLACK II (2002) #rewatch #nowwatching #MIB Getting ready for MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL #thissummer @amblin @meninblack @willsmith #willsmith #tommyleejones

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Watching Skies - Star Wars, Spielberg and Us

#filmmaker #StevenSpielberg & #GeorgeLucas This is the exact moment in time when my movie obsession/geekness began...

"Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory." 35 years ago this very week Steven Spielberg's INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM premiered in America. A key title of WATCHING SKIES, the film has ... Sehen Sie mehr

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#filmmaker #StevenSpielberg WEST SIDE STORY (2020)

Something's coming... December 18, 2020.

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Three new Star Wars movies have been dated

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Jean-Pierre Jeunet Is Making an ‘Amelie’ Mockumentary and a Sci-Fi Animated Feature — Exclusive

#filmmaker #JeanPierreJeunet

The filmmaker also shared his dissatisfaction with the Broadway adaptation of his beloved 2001 romantic comedy.

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Cincinnati Pops presents American Soundscapes: Lost in Space

#filmcomposer #JohnWilliams LOST IN SPACE

The Cincinnati Pops is proud to present AMERICAN SOUNDSCAPES, a new video series featuring performances captured live by our friends and partners at CET Publ...

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Star Wars Upcoming Books & Comics

#filmmaker #JJAbrams STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER (2019)

Here's an overview of the book-titles revelaed at Star Wars Day on the official site! All of these titles will also be added to my listings over at Click on each image to ... Sehen Sie mehr

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