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Filmmaker Peter Hedges on His Latest Film ‘Ben is Back’

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The filmmaker behind 'Ben is Back' discusses his choice to make this story now, and working with his son Lucas Hedges throughout the process.

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‘Angels with Dirty Faces’: Michael Curtiz’s Touching Gangster Classic Forged Under the All-Seeing Eye of the Hays Code • Cinephilia & Beyond

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Back in the thirties, gangster movies were increasingly popular in the American cinema. The subject of charismatic antiheroes ultimately falling to their demise was always...

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Robert Rodriguez

Go behind the scenes with James Cameron, Jon Landau, Robert Rodriguez, Rosa Salazar, and the team at #WETA in this new featurette to discover how they brought the world of #Alita to life.

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Breaking Down Alfonso Cuarón’s Impeccable Cinematographic Vision

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The 'Roma' director's visual experimentation is one for the books.

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Watching Skies - Star Wars, Spielberg and Us

"Hello Alice, welcome to Wonder-Land!" - STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME. As STAR TREK: DISCOVERY returns for a second season, WATCHING SKIES boldly remembers some of the great used, unused, concept ... Sehen Sie mehr

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