(No spoilers)

Since I fell in love with “Who framed Roger Rabbit”, every time I’m going to watch a movie directed by Robert Zemeckis I know I’ll see something extraordinary.

But it’s really incredible how every time his latest film surprises me much more than I expected. I just came out of the theatre and I can’t help but say that „Welcome to Marwen“ amazed me and left me speechless.

Well, I’m going to make an effort to find some words, at least – even if my English is very “Italian”, as I am – doing my best to avoid spoilers. 


First impression popping up while watching „Welcome to Marwen“:

 what is, or where is, the border between “reality” and “fiction” (or “fantasy”, or “imagination”)?

 Isn’t it real what we perceive and feel, even if it happens “only” in our mind and imagination? 

„Welcome to Marwen“ is not only about the beautiful story of a man, Mark Hogancamp, and his healing journey through the power of art and creativity. It’s a magical journey which takes us directly into Mark’s mind and life, to find that “reality” is what one experiences, doesn’t matter how and through which means and tools. 

This movie touched so much inside me. The way the story is told combines magnificent acting and motion-capture, action and poetry, humour and pathos, but always from a point of view able to shows us how everything is relative – and related to the way we perceive what we call “reality”. 

The characters and their existence in two different dimensions of perception and “life” are perfectly designed to manifest the nuances of Mark’s inner world and its match with the environment.

I loved Mark’s vulnerability, courage and dignity (a great Steve Carrell at the best of his expressiveness). I loved all the humour, the “easter eggs” and the sexy, sparkly playfulness of some characters (“Suzette”, interpreted by Leslie Zemeckis, was such a surprise! A true „nice touch“ – anyone who knows her as an author will understand why). 

I got a kick out of the soundtrack, interweaving appropriate songs by various artists with the beautiful music composed by the unmistakable and inimitable Maestro Alan Silvestri, who infused a living musical “breathe” also to this movie. I liked the way the movie flows, never obvious or trivial, always able to surprise and amaze us. I loved especially the way themes like mental health and healing are touched, leaving enormous space to insights and personal reflections. 

I truly think „Welcome to Marwen“ is another masterpiece born from Robert Zemeckis’ genius, always able to “plant seeds” through entertainment and to touch sensible, deep strings while keeping a rare quality of lightness – maybe sometimes too subtle or deep to be understood by everyone (as usually happens to geniuses). 

Finally, I adored everything of this movie and of the way the story is told. Above all, I loved so much all the wonderful women of Marwen – who save the world (Mark’s world for sure), and who could save our world, if just we could awake in ourselves and in our life a little bit of their humor, strength and sparkle.

– Monica

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